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Sungshim insuline injection



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Product Specifications:

  • Each box contains 100 sterile syringes
  • Characteristics:
    • Safe, devoid of toxins and pyrogens
    • EO gas sterilization ensures safety
    • Facilitates near-painless injections for added comfort
    • Equipped with low dead space for precise dosage
    • Clearly marked graduation lines for easy measurement
    • Available in polybag and blister packaging
    • Manufactured in Korea

Usage Instructions:

  1. Verify package integrity and check the expiration date before use.
  2. Twist and remove the back cap to expose the plunger.
  3. Twist and pull off the needle cap straight to expose the needle without bending.
  4. Align the black plunger tip edge with the dosage mark for precise measurement.
  5. Discard the syringe after single use to prevent misuse.
  6. Do not recap or share needles. Safely dispose of used syringes.
  7. Reusing syringes can lead to severe infections, including AIDS.


  • Do not alter mixing order or syringe/needle brand when mixing insulin without consulting a healthcare professional to avoid dosage errors.
  • Use insulin (NovoRapid-EMEA/H/C/000258) only as prescribed.


  1. Single-use syringe; do not attempt reuse.
  2. Do not use damaged or contaminated packaging/products.
  3. Ensure use before the expiration date.
  4. Avoid using damaged or bent needles.
  5. Prevent needle contact with surfaces; handle with care.
  6. Store away from extreme conditions and moisture.
  7. Intended for administering medications into the body.


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